Mammoth-052112-body.jpgNew Mammoth vertical water source heat pumps offer high efficiency and IAQ capabilities for healthcare and other sensitive applications.

New B-Vintage vertical water source heat pumps from Mammoth, Inc., range in size from 2 to 6 tons and offer industry-leading efficiency ratings up to 22.0 EER and 5.2 COP. The unique ability to overcome up to three inches of static pressure enables the use of up to 99% efficient HEPA filtration in units serving individual zones. These capabilities enhance the ability of designers to use geothermal and boiler/tower water source heat pump systems in healthcare and other sensitive applications, or to maximize points for LEED® certification.

“These units represent an industry first,” said Dennis Nelsen, product manager for Mammoth. “In the past, high-efficiency filters weren’t practical in smaller water source heat pumps because they couldn’t overcome the added static pressure without significantly penalizing efficiency. Our new vertical units provide the best of both worlds—operating efficiency and improved IAQ.”

The higher static capability is made possible through the application of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, invented by Huntair, Inc. and exclusively offered by CES Group, LLC companies, including Mammoth. The direct drive FANWALL® fan and motor in a patented Coplanar Silencer® enclosure are easily able to achieve the required airflow and static pressure without penalty to operating efficiency, while at the same time offering extremely quiet operation and easy maintenance and service. Other IAQ features include double-wall construction of air tunnel to eliminate insulation fibers from the air stream. Mold-resistant hydrophobic melamine insulation is encased in the perforated liner of the Coplanar Silencer. Options include a stainless steel drain pan and ultraviolet lights to prevent mold on the coil and drain pan surfaces, satisfying GSA requirements.

In addition to FANWALL TECHNOLOGY, standard features contributing to high efficiency include a vVFD and two-stage compressor. An optional digital scroll compressor provides even greater efficiency at part load (down to 10% load).

Units include standard HP-5 microprocessor controls, allowing optimized standalone control of all unit functions. Optional EPiC™ DDC controls provide easy integration with building management systems and protocols of choice.

In addition to B-Vintage vertical units, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY is also used in Mammoth M-Vintage multiple circuit horizontal and vertical (6 to 24 tons) and V-Cube Slim™ (15 to 70 tons) units, paving the way to use high-efficiency filtration throughout an entire geothermal or boiler/tower water source heat pump system.

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