Digisense-040714-body.jpgA new selection of test and measurement equipment called Digi-Sense™ has been introduced by Davis Instruments. The equipment includes temperature, humidity, airflow, and light meters as well as manometers in an expanding line of products. The company says the tools are rugged enough for rigorous use and arrive precalibrated for time and cost efficiencies.

A sample of the performance monitoring and environmental testing meters include the Digi-Sense™ Thermohygrometer with TSH/TEET, T/C Input for use in the HVAC, IAQ, and environmental industries. This digital meter measures and displays temperature and humidity simultaneously. The Digi-Sense™ Pressure and Airflow Meter assists users in determining the performance of heating and cooling systems by measuring differential and static pressure and calculating air velocity and flow in ductwork. This tool for buildings and schools is precalibrated to NIST-traceable standards. The Digi-Sense™ Data Logging Light Meter ensures lighting meets code and takes lighting intensity measurements in lux or footcandles for both indoor and outdoor environments.