Mini-Anemometer-Psychrometer-with-Enthalpy_DAF3009_cap-off-body.jpgGeneral Tools has introduced the new Mini-Anemometer/Psychrometer. The DAF3009 can measure all parameters associated with installing, testing, and fine-tuning the performance of an HVACR system. This includes airflow volume, airspeed, enthalpy, ambient temperature, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, wind chill index, and relative humidity.

The instrument not only can measure air speed and airflow volume, but also can track and calculate the maximum, minimum, and average values recorded over a measurement “session.” A session begins when the device is powered on and ends five minutes after the final measurement is made (when the Auto Power Off function activates). This capability is helpful for a variety of purposes, such as determining the fastest and slowest fans in a group or the average of a group of fans.

The DAF3009 also features a large backlit dual-readout LCD, a vane and sensor cap, and a tripod mount.