Davis-Instruments-052812-body.jpgThis new generation of testers is smaller, lighter, and more flexible.

In response to the evolving needs of those performing insulation testing, Davis Instruments introduces a powerful new series of resistance testers from Megger. The MIT515/525/1025-series offers a bold combination of performance, simplicity of use, toughness, and long life — in a lightweight package.

The MIT515/525/1025-series provides accuracy where it matters most, with ±5% accuracy to 2 TΩ at 10 kV. Because the testers are small and lightweight, they take up less space and are easy to carry. Their mode and range/function switches are intuitive and easy to use. Their CAT IV-600 V safety rating makes them safe for users, and their rapid charge and mains operation means no downtime. With their reliability and low maintenance, the cost of ownership is reduced. Plus, the units deliver noise filtering up to 3 mA, so users can measure insulation resistance even in noisy switchyards. This makes the Megger MIT515/525/1025-Series of Insulation Testers a smart choice for distribution maintenance, commissioning, and industrial/OEM use.

The MIT515 is a 5 kV insulation resistance tester (IRT) with Polarisation Index (PI) and automatic test function for DAR, but no memory. The MIT525 is a 5 kV IRT with all test modes, including a ramp test plus advanced memory functions with recall to screen, real-time clock for time/date stamp of results, and USB cable interface to PC/PowerDB. The MIT1025 is a 10 kV IRT with the same advanced functionality and memory of the MIT525.