Seresco-102813-body.jpgSeresco USA Inc. has introduced its NV-Series indoor swimming pool ventilation product line featuring a small footprint, light weight, and high efficiencies. The company claims the NV-Series taps the growing natatorium trend of specifying economically-operated, simple-to-maintain, non-compressorized ventilation units for space temperature and relative humidity control in geographical areas with ideal cooler, drier summer climates.

Available in 4,000- to 70,000-cfm sizes, The NV-Series uses a Glycol Run-Around Loop heat recovery strategy, which results in a smaller and more compact, but an equally effective ventilation unit versus conventional plate heat exchanger systems. The GRAL’s reduced fan energy makes the NV-Series more efficient compared to the power required to offset the larger air side pressure drops associated with plate heat exchangers, according to the company. The GRAL combined with Seresco's on-board microprocessor-based CommandCenter® modulates outdoor air and exhaust air to control the space's RH and temperature.