Seresco USA Inc. has introduced the Natatorium Ventilation (NV)-Series. The company says it is the industry’s most efficient and non-compressorized ventilation system for conditioning natatorium environments with outdoor air and heat recovery, but without compromising IAQ.
Available in sizes up to 65,000-cfm, the NV-Series is designed specifically for indoor pool and waterpark environments ideally located in cooler, drier summer climates. The NV-Series uses 100% outdoor air to control temperature and relative humidity without the energy requirements of mechanical DX methods. 

The NV-Series features a glycol run-around loop (GRAL) for heat recovery. The company claims the GRAL’s annualized efficiency ratings outperform other indoor pool ventilation strategies using alternate heat recovery methods, due to its effective energy recovery, low-airside pressure drops, and cold weather performance. 

The GRAL coils’ fully-dipped corrosion protection is designed to withstand natatorium environments. This corrosion protection also allows for combining the NV-Series’ heat recovery with equipment such as the Paddock Evacuator™, a poolside chloramines source capture/exhaust device. Connecting the Evacuator to the NV-Series’ heat recovery feature via an air path can provide further IAQ and energy savings.  

Additional energy savings come from the NV-Series’ direct-drive plenum fans and electronically-commutated (EC) fan motors. Furthermore, the NV-Series’ multiple exhaust fan approach allows for one or more fans to be operated as conditions dictate. Using the newest technology and a smart design can result in air movement energy savings of up to 25% as compared to conventional systems, according to officials. 

-- Seresco USA Inc.