Greenheck-071513-body.jpgGreenheck’s Vari-Flow integrated kitchen ventilation systems allow foodservice managers and building owners to reduce energy costs by more precisely modulating exhaust and supply airflows to match cooking operation demands. Temperature sensors located in the hoods’ capture area are directly exposed to quick changes in cooking activity that result in a faster response to cooking load changes. This feature, coupled with fan-speed turndown of 50% and high efficiency Vari-Green motors, offers total energy savings in terms of electrical, heating, and cooling costs. Greenheck’s Vari-Flow kitchen ventilation system can be controlled with a keypad or the new advanced touchscreen control with enhanced features including independent light and fan control, programmable fan scheduling, VFD and help diagnostics to monitor energy usage, and live/historical energy monitoring and trending. The Vari-Flow system is compatible with BACnet MSTP/IP, LON, and ModBus to easily integrate the system into a wide range of building management systems.