Seresco-070113-body.jpgSeresco USA Inc. has expanded its Protocol NP-Series line of indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers to accommodate sizes of 90- to 140-ton units. A recent 25% capacity expansion to Seresco’s Ottawa, Ontario-based manufacturing factory helped facilitate an additional production line and satisfy a 40% increased demand for the newly-cataloged item. Large units economically offer end-users substantial savings on first-costs and installation labor/materials versus two or three units totaling the same tonnage, said company officials. Protocol units typically come as rooftop package units and the new sizes now offer airflows of up to 65,000 cfm. The Protocol Series is ideal for a large one-piece configuration because it substitutes hundreds of pounds of vapor compression refrigerants commonly used in traditional natatorium dehumidifiers with propylene glycol. Glycol is up to 95% less expensive than refrigerants and is an environmentally-preferred heat transfer fluid for LEED® and other sustainable building projects. The refrigerant reduction, which can surpass 800-pounds of refrigerant in the largest units, does not affect performance because Seresco's proprietary heat rejection design makes the Protocol NP-Series equally efficient as DX systems on summer design days and 5% to 7% more efficient throughout the rest of the year. The Protocol Series also includes the WebSentry® system that allows 24/7 real-time data transmission and extranet access.