ClimateMaster-040813-body.jpgThe company has expanded its TMW product line.

ClimateMaster has expanded its Tranquility Modular Water-to-Water (TMW) Series. Now available in 30-ton and 50-ton sizes, the product line now includes a 70-ton unit. The TMW Series offers industry leading efficiency and capacity with advanced features, quiet operation and application flexibility all at competitive prices.

ClimateMaster's Tranquility Modular Water-to-Water Series is extremely versatile. With ability to operate in applications for geothermal, cooling towers or hybrid systems, the TMW Series can be used with radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, chilled water for fan coils, industrial process control, hot/chilled water for make-up air, and many other types of HVAC and industrial applications that require cost effective heated or chilled water.

Convenient staggered top mount water connections provide for easy manifolding of multiple units to satisfy the demands of large capacity installations all in a compact footprint that will pass through a standard 36-in. doorway and onto a standard freight elevator making the TMW Series ideal for retrofit applications. With industry leading cooling efficiencies over 24 EER and heating efficiencies over 5 COP, the TMW 360 to 840 provides the ultimate balance between size and performance. Quick-access large front and rear services panels provide access even with multiple units installed side-by-side.

The TMW 360 to 840 units ship standard with advanced digital controls to monitor system safeties for reliable operation of each independent refrigeration circuit. Compatible with BACnet, Modbus, and Johnson N2, the control system also provides easy access and integration into the most popular Building Automation Systems. Copeland scroll compressors are housed in an insulated compartment for quiet operation. Source water head pressure regulating valve ships standard from the factory and allows cooling operation below 60°F entering source temperature.