ClimateMaster-062512-body.jpgThe company has released the Tranquility® 30 Digital Series of geothermal heat pumps.

The Tranquility® 30 Digital (TE) joins the award-winning Tranquility® 22 Digital (TZ) as the first geothermal heat pump product lines to integrate digital communicating controls, two-stage capacity, variable-speed fan and variable-flow geothermal source functions within a single package. The Tranquility 30 Digital has been designated as a Most Efficient ENERGY STAR qualified product for 2012 due to its ultra-high efficiency and smart controls.

“The Tranquility 30 takes installation, commissioning, diagnostics and system efficiency to the next level,” stated Daniel Ellis, president of ClimateMaster.” “It is much easier to install and service, and also provides lower operating costs than any other 2-stage geothermal unit on the market today.”

The Tranquility 30 Digital Series utilizes iGateTM and vFlow™ technology to set it apart from the competition.

iGate™ technology is the next generation in intelligent control by using two-way communication to provide a gateway into the system. The iGate™ control system allows end-users and contractors to monitor the performance of the unit, custom tailor its operation, and diagnose any issues, right from the thermostat.

The iGate™ communications hub is the new DXM2 intelligent controller, which analyzes the status of sensors and smart components (which are also two-way communicating) to determine how best to operate the system for optimal comfort, efficiency and long-term reliability. All of this information is passed to the iGate™ thermostat (or dealer diagnostic tool), where it can be displayed in plain English. And since communication is both ways, the iGate™ thermostat can also be used to configure and tailor the system without even touching the unit.

Future accessories will enable iGate™ communication over the internet, allowing access from a PC or smart phone.