Emerson-Climate-Technologies-022513-body.jpgThe company’s new infographic is designed to illustrate its Copeland Scroll™ Compressor successes.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. has issued a new infographic that illustrates how the company’s 100 million manufactured Copeland Scroll™ compressors are helping their customers safeguard food, improve human comfort and protect the environment.

The new infographic, available for download at www.emersonclimate.com/CopelandScroll100, includes data points showing how Copeland Scroll technology is advancing HVACR systems worldwide.

The company used information from its own research and from industry sources to develop the content and organize the information around themes based on the Emerson Climate Technologies vision.

“With over 100 million Copeland Scroll compressors in the market and 25 years of production, we have seen a number of great success stories across industries and geographies,” said Cathy Billing, Marketing Communications Manager for Emerson Climate Technologies. “This infographic showcases how our compressor technology is living up to its reputation of efficiency and reliability; meeting today’s challenges and looking into the future.”

The infographic shows how Copeland Scroll technology helps safeguard food, with the example of Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressors and how they contribute to a $500 million savings in banana shipping costs, from reducing spoilage. More than 240 million passengers on China rail cars rely on Copeland Scroll horizontal compressors to keep them cool during transit, an example in the infographic of how Emerson is improving human comfort.  Emerson also showed how its Copeland Scroll technology can protect the environment by explaining how systems equipped with Copeland Scroll Digital technology can help save a percentage of the $6 billion a year that schools spend on energy costs.