Emerson-092412-body.jpgThe Copeland Scroll Digital Retrofit Kit features the Emerson™ Commercial Comfort controller.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. has released the Copeland Scroll™ Digital retrofit kit, a new accessory compressor kit that enables a complete and convenient solution for field retrofits. Designed to help contractors take advantage of the precise capacity, temperature, and humidity control offered by the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor, the kit includes all the components necessary to successfully retrofit an HVAC system in the field.

“The benefits of the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor in terms of efficiency, energy savings, and precision in temperature and humidity control are significant,” said Bart Powelson, director, commercial marketing, air conditioning business of Emerson Climate Technologies. “Our retrofit kit will now make it easy and convenient for contractors to address problem jobs by upgrading systems in the field to deliver the crucial comfort and capacity benefits their customers are demanding.”

The Copeland Scroll Digital Retrofit Kit will feature the new Emerson Commercial Comfort Controller and the required valve, coil, thermistor, and tubing needed for a complete compressor replacement.  The kit is compatible with 3-15 ton compressors and for applications including roof top or split commercial and residential unitary applications, heat pumps, chiller, or commercial refrigeration applications. 

A wall-mounted, BACnet programmable thermostat called Emerson Commercial Comfort Controller is included with the kit which enables variable capacity, dehumidification, improved system performance, and reduced operating costs without the expense of a large building automation system. 

The Copeland Scroll Digital compressor offers compressor modulation from 10% to 100%, allowing customers’ cooling systems to automatically adjust capacity as needed while reducing energy consumption. This scroll technology is up to 30% more efficient than traditional methods of system modulation.