Emerson-Climate-Technologies-03-05-12-body.jpgThe 40 hp Copeland Scroll compressor now features CoreSense™ communications.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., a business of Emerson, has released its Copeland Scroll compressors with CoreSense™ Communications modules, giving commercial air conditioning customers advanced diagnostic and protection benefits onboard Copeland Scroll Compressors. CoreSense Communications modules will first appear on the new 40 hp compressor, and will later be released on new 20, 25, and 32 hp models.

“By launching CoreSense Communications modules onboard our new 20-40 hp compressors, we’re giving commercial customers an unprecedented level of protection and diagnostics capabilities,” said Bart Powelson, director of Ccommercial marketing, Emerson Climate Technologies Air Conditioning Business. “Facility managers and technicians using Copeland Scroll compressors with CoreSense communications modules will get real time information, allowing them to efficiently diagnose and proactively manage their commercial system.”

With the ability to stream real-time to the system controller, end users now have a level of control never before offered in the industry. By using the compressor as a sensor, valuable system data can be accessed and monitored by the controller, improving performance and reliability — even proactively shutting down the compressor to prevent a catastrophic failure. Both motor and scroll temperature protection inside the compressor ensures the reliability of Copeland Scroll compressors.

To facilitate this communication, CoreSense Communications modules utilize Modbus via RS-485 with a BACnet version planned for future updates.

In addition to real time data, CoreSense Communications modules provide historical information from the unit, identifying faults that have occurred over the life of the compressor. Having this information allows the technician on the job to more accurately diagnose commercial systems equating to shorter and fewer site visits, saving contractors and customers time and money.

For more information on Copeland Scroll compressors with CoreSense Communications or the new 40 hp Copeland Scroll Compressor, visit www.emersonclimate.com/coresense.