IPKeys-020413-body.jpgThe two companies have teamed up on OpenADR 2.0 Driver Software for Niagara AX®

IPKeys Technologies and Connexx Energy, Inc. have announced that they will partner to deliver an OpenADR 2.0 a-certified Virtual End Node (VEN) driver for the Niagara AX® platform. Through this solution, IPKeys Technologies and Connexx Energy will provide an OpenADR 2.0a-certified driver for Niagara AX®, permitting rapid deployment of standards-based AutoDR solutions to the Niagara community and enabling the collaborative facility-grid relationship necessary to make Smart Grid a reality.

By integrating IPKeys’ OpenADR 2.0a certified EISSClient technology with Connexx Energy’s Niagara® driver platform, IPKeys and Connexx can provide C&I facilities with a complete, scalable, and secure end-to-end AutoDR solution. Connexx Energy and Lynxspring will both actively market and support the Niagara® based OpenADR 2.0a Driver to Connexx Energy’s Energy Partner Channel (CEP) and OEM customers and Lynxspring’s Business Partner (LBP) Channel. In addition, they will make it available to the Niagara Community and users of the Niagara Framework.

“With rising and unpredictable energy costs, it makes good economic sense to operate and maintain your building as efficiently as possible and take advantage of programs that OpenADR 2.0 offers, said Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing at Connexx Energy. “This new driver allows almost any facility to participate in demand response without fear of being locked into a proprietary technology.”

“We are delighted to announce our agreement to integrate IPKeys’ certified OpenADR 2.0a facility endpoint technology into Connexx Energy’s Niagara AX® driver portfolio,” said Robert Nawy, IPKeys managing director and CFO. “This new and highly secure technology integration enables facilities to receive and respond to actionable open-standard and machine-interoperable market signals. Connexx’s OpenADR 2.0a driver will permit the Niagara AX® community to begin the process of planning, valuing, and automating participation in demand response and price sensitive markets.”

Both companies will have demonstrations in their booths at Distributech 2013 and AHR Expo 2013.

Through this partnership, IPKeys and Connexx illustrate their continued commitment to interoperability and open standards while enabling C&I customers to automatically connect to the Smart Grid and enable them to more easily take advantage of automated demand response programs.