A. Integrated controls

The company has introduced its comprehensive line of high efficiency integrated boiler control systems featuring graphical visualization and information collection to facilitate easier and better operational management of boilers and supporting peripherals. Each integrated control system provides PLC control, VFDs, and HMI interfaces devices. To facilitate centralized control and data collection, the BOILERMaster brings all the aforementioned components to a central point of control and collection of all the information about the company’s connected equipment.
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co.


B. Condensing boilers

The Creek high-efficiency condensing boiler line is the company’s first foray into the condensing market. The boilers are available in standard sizes from 4,000,000 Btuh to 12,000,000 Btuh at 160 psig design pressure and operating efficiencies to 98% and higher in some cases. The Creek boiler also is available to support applications and installations where low NOx emissions are required.
Superior Boiler Works


C. Boilers

The company’s NeoTherm® LC condensing boiler is a fully packaged, 1 million BTU, space-saving hydronic solution that offers 94% thermal efficiency. NeoTherm LC is a direct vent, sealed combustion boiler that modulates with a 10 to 1 turndown. The unit features zero clearance to combustibles with all piping and wiring from the back, which is suitable for tight installations.


Boiler controls

The inSite for ModSync™ tool provides a private portal for remote web-based access to a facility’s boiler room controls. Used in conjunction with the company’s ModSync sequencing system, the inSite for ModSync™ interface provides real-time boiler system status using any traditional web browser, including a web-enabled cell phone.
Synex Controls


D. Control systems

The company’s control system, ACS, is a flexible controller designed to maximize energy savings in modular boiler plants. The ACS can stage and coordinate the operations of up to 32 boilers and is uniquely designed to maximize the operating efficiency of condensing equipment capable of unmatched modulation. With individual unit turndown as high as 20:1, a five-boiler plant delivers 100:1 system turndown when staged to operate sequentially.


E. Hydronic boilers

The company’s NH150-DV and NH199-DV tankless hydronic boilers are suited for constant room temperature comfort for various heating choices, such as panel radiators, baseboard flooring, and radiant floor heating. Featuring a gas-consumption range of 55,500 Btuh to 150,000 Btuh for the NH150-DV and up to 199,900 BTUh for the NH199-DV, the units offer nine temperature settings (140-180°F) for hydronic heating applications. Each unit has a high-flow capacity of 14 gpm with a three-speed Grundfos Pumps circulator, providing multiple pump curves, rather than the one-pump curve of a typical single-speed pump.


F. Flue gas analyzers

The Rosemount Analytical 6888 in situ O2 analyzer is designed to provide accurate measurement of the oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from combustion processes such as boilers and industrial heating furnaces. By maintaining the ideal level of oxygen in the flue gases, optimal efficiency is achieved and the lowest levels of NOX, CO, and CO2 are produced. Probe lengths are available from 18 in. to 12 ft, and a slip mounting option provides the ability to mount a long probe at any insertion depth. Signal conditioning electronics reside in the head of each probe, eliminating the need for expensive signal cable.


G. Inducers

The company’s line of Auto-Draft® RT Series rooftop inducers with a constant operating pressure control (COP) are designed for non-condensing modulating gas and oil fired heaters and multiple heaters tied into a common vent. The inducers deliver precise draft or exhaust by modulating fan speed to deliver a constant negative pressure within a chimney or chase as draft requirements or exhaust loads change. The result is common vented boilers and water heaters operate more efficiently, rooftop chase exhaust fans modulate to actual demand saving make-up air and motor power consumption.
Tjernlund Products, Inc.


H. Boiler control

The SMART SYSTEM™ Multi Temperature Loop Control (MTLC) is designed to simplify the integration of the company’s KNIGHT heating boilers into multiple temperature hydronic heating systems, by accurately controlling up to three separate space heating loop temperatures, while maximizing the efficiency of the heating boiler as a primary function. The new MTLC works in conjunction with the on-board SMART SYSTEM control on all second generation KNIGHT XL commercial heating boilers.


I. Hydronic boilers

The company has added a renewable fuel options for its Vantage condensing hydronic boiler. The boiler can now use B100 biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur (under 15 ppm) heating oils for full condensing operation. The B100 biodiesel Vantage boiler is commercially available up to 4,000,000 Btuh, and is capable of configurations for liquid fuel, natural gas, or dual-fuel operation. For boiler installations that do not yet have biodiesel or ultra-low sulfur heating oil available, boiler controls can allow the boiler to be fired short-term with conventional #2 heating oil in non-condensing mode.