Tate®,has expanded its product offering for the data center market with ContainAire™ solutions, a full range of containment products.

“Containment systems have become one of the most popular strategies for segregating hot and cold airflow in data centers,” said Scott Alwine, Tate marketing manager. “Containing an entire row of air has been shown to improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing by-pass airflow and providing better control over supply and return air temperatures. Our solutions are designed to increase cooling capacity by ensuring that all supply air is being funneled through the equipment.”

The ContainAire Vertical Partition System combines cost-effectiveness and ease of installation to create a highly flexible ceiling mounted partition system for both hot and cold aisle containment. Over the long-term, the ContainAire partition will reduce energy usage and improve capacity by separating cold supply and hot exhaust airflow. High-grade aluminum track ESD fire resistant vinyl are mounted to the ceiling grid system using fire suppression links that allow the partitions to fall away in the event of a fire.

All three ContainAire door options offer cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions for sealing the ends of containment aisles. ContainAire Strip Doors are made of aluminum tracks with overlapping fire resistant vinyl sheets attached to the ceiling grid system with quick-mount 360° fire suppression links. The Strip Door system provides a reliable barrier that keeps hot and cold air streams segregated while also allowing for easy access to the containment aisle, even when carrying servers and other objects.

The ContainAire Hinged Door and ContainAire Sliding Door feature a sturdy aluminum frame for a durable, long-lasting solution. Other features include a locking door, magnetic stays and a no-floor threshold, which eliminates a tripping hazard.

The ContainAire Retracting Roof is made of black anodized aluminum tracks that attach directly to the top of IT racks and lies flat to prevent interference with other overhead obstructions. Fully adjustable to lengths up to 30 ft, the Retracting Roof is available in 60- and 84-in. widths to accommodate most cold aisles. The vinyl is rolled from a housing and attaches at the other end using fire suppression links that release, allowing it to automatically roll back into the housing during a fire and eliminating the need for additional fire detection and suppression systems inside the containment structure.

With the exception of the Retracting Roof, ContainAire solutions can be applied to cold and hot aisle containment configurations, contributing to costs savings associated with increased cooling capacity and ongoing energy efficiency in data center environments. In addition to ContainAire solutions, Tate offers a number of other products that enhance aisle containment systems:
  • The Tate CRAC Hood is a custom fabricated ceiling return extension that connects the top of the CRAC unit directly to a ceiling return plenum, increasing capacity and efficiency by channeling hot exhaust air directly into the CRAC unit.
  • The Rack Shield captures subfloor supply and dedicates it to the IT equipment thermal load, ensuring that cold supply air will not spill across the raised floor
  • Tate’s Modular Blanking Panels eliminate the migration of hot and cold air through unoccupied areas of an IT equipment rack.
  • The In-Ceiling High Volume Return Grilles direct large volumes of hot exhaust air into the drop ceiling plenum, enabling hot air to exit freely while minimizing mixing with cooling airflow.
  • Tate’s In-Floor Velocity Adjustor eliminates low pressure in the subfloor supply by controlling airflow velocity.
-- Tate