CoolIT Systems Inc. has expanded its Rack DCLC™ product line with the release of the new CHx80 Heat Exchange Module (CHx80). This next generation liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger provides cooling capacity with N+1 reliability to manage challenging, high density HPC racks.

The new CHx80 delivers 80kW of heat load capacity in a small 4U of space. This rack-mounted system supports cooling for 120 servers. The company says its N+1 redundancy design nsures continuous productivity for customers.  
Officials also said the CHx80 employs an extremely efficient heat exchanger that utilizes ASHRAE W3-W5 (2°C – 45°C).

This warm water manages the processor and component heat, eliminating the need for chillers. Customers deploying the CHx80 Module can expect a decrease in data center OPEX by using less energy for cooling and running fans, and even have the option to reuse the waste energy to heat surrounding buildings.

The CHx80 Module also features centralized pumping as well as a comprehensive control system which manages and reports on over 15 sensor locations within the system. The CHx80 Module can be managed locally via a 4.3-in LCD screen or through several network protocols, and has a number of different operating modes that are customizable by the user to fit specific data center needs.