TheEcosaireby Dectron subsidiary of Dectron Internationale, Roswell, GA, has introduced the EN Series, the HVAC industry’s only modularly-constructed and most energy-efficient precision air conditioning line for data equipment centers, telecommunications rooms, digital switchgear sites, medical equipment rooms, electrical rack rooms, internet server vaults and other critical cooling environments.

The EN Series offers models from 7.5 to 30 refrigeration tons all which are modularly constructed as complete factory-assembled units or ready-to-assemble on-site kits to fit through standard 80 x 36-in. doorways. The EN Series also offers the highest air volume/sq. ft. and highest coil and filter surface area/sq. ft. as well as an unmatched 95% to 98% sensible heat ratio, all which makes it the most efficient and green precision air conditioning package in the HVAC industry.

Additional efficiencies are possible from the EN Series standard direct-drive backward inclined (BI) fans with optional VFD and electrically commutated (EC) motors. By combing the EN Series free-cooling and dual-cooling features with VFD and EC motors, facility managers avoid scalability challenges with future expansion by installing 30-ton capacity units and ramping down to smaller, less-energy consuming refrigeration tonnages until the data center expands to full heat load.

Since current data center management strategies are now more concerned with electronic equipment intake temperatures instead of room temperature due to today s trend toward high server densities, the EN Series built-in airflow and compressor flexibilities can easily pinpoint any intake temperature set point required with minimal energy cost increases.

The EN Series also offers:
  • Lift-off hinged doors and a front-end serviceability case design for complete accessibility of all components, which allows tighter, space-saving unit positioning.
  • Nearly a dozen return/supply configuration options including upflow, downflow and dropped fans in raised floors, the latter which decreases static pressure and increases airflow performance.
  • Environmentally-friendly R-410A or R-407c refrigerant.
  • Free cooling where wintertime ambient outdoor air cools a glycol loop instead of the higher operating costs of 50% or more for conventional DX equipment.
  • Dual cooling where central plant chilled water loops (when available) a primary cooling glycol loop and a secondary dx circuit serves as a redundancy back-up, thus eliminating the expense of two conventional dx circuits for redundancy.
  • Double-wall case construction that separates R-value insulation from the air stream to enhance IAQ.
  • Humidity control for static electricity reduction. Dehumidification on demand only.
  • Both 30% and 65% filters for dust control.
  • Supervisaire. on-board microprocessor capable of either self-sufficient controlling/monitoring or interfacing with all protocols of BAS. Both return air and supply air monitoring/controlling is available.