ASHRAE has named 14 new Distinguished Lecturers who provide Society chapters with noted authorities who speak on relevant topics that affect the HVAC&R industry. This marks the 12th year of the Distinguished Lecturer Program. The new lecturers and their areas of expertise are:

* Essam Omar Asem, AFESD (Mishref, Kuwait) – Practical Use of Advanced Building Simulation Programs.
* Giovanni Barletta, Emerson Climate Technologies (Barranquilla, Columbia) – Good Practices in Start up and Installation of HVAC Systems, Failure Compressor Analysis and Global Tendencies in Energy Efficiency.
* Oswaldo D.S. Bueno, Oswaldo Bueno Engineering and Training (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – Cool Green Buildings Introduction, VRF – Variable Refrigerant Flow: Something Old Something New, and Psychrometrics and Low Temperature Storage.
* Jean Bundock, Roche Consulting Group (Quebec, Canada) – Commissioning, Re-Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning
* S.K. Chou, PhD., National University of Singapore – Developing Building Envelope Thermal Performance Standards for Commercial and Residential Buildings in Tropical Climates, Achieving Energy-Efficient Performance of Non-Residential Buildings and Development of a Micro Portable Power Generator.
* Fabio Clavijo, Tecnaire (Bogota, Columbia) – Dehumidification – Basic Concepts, Applied Psychrometrics to Dehumidification Processes, Moisture Loads in Dehumidification Applications, Indoor Air Quality and UVC Technology and Energy in Buildings – an HVAC Perspective for the 21st Century.
* Gary B. Hayden, P.E., gbH Engineering (Norfolk, VA) – LowEx, and Radiant Heating and Cooling.
* Hank Jackson, P.E., ETech Solutions, Weaverville, N.C. – Green Buildings: Help or Hype?, Just Do It! How to Get Started with an Energy Efficiency Survey, Beam Me Up Scottie! Transport Energy: Motors, Fans and Pumps, Introduction to Geothermal Heat Pump Systems and Overcoming Objections to Energy Efficiency Investments.
* Jose Luis Frias Lavalle, DHIMEX (Mexico City, Mexico) – Expansion, Pressurization and Control of the Air in Hydronic Systems, Hydraulic Principles, Hydronic Systems, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Centrifugal Pumps, Potable Hot Water Supply Systems, Selection of Centrifugal Pumps, Thermodynamic Principles of Heat Exchange and Variable Speed Pumping Systems.
* Vasile Minea, Ph.D.(Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada) – Large Commercial and Institutional Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems, Advanced Supermarket Refrigeration/Heat Recovery Systems, Performance Comparisons of Residential Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems and High Performance Air-Conditioning Water Chillers.
* Michael E. Myers, P.E., Johnson, Avedano, Lopez, Rodriguez & Walewski, Engineering Group, Inc. (Fort Myers, FL) – Smoke Management Systems – The Basics and Smoke Management Systems – Advanced
* Richard J. Pearson, P.E., Pearson Engineering (Madison, WI) – Energy Management in New and Existing Buildings: a Sustainable Activity.
* Paul L. Pieper, Venmar CES (St. Leonard D’Aston, Quebec, Canada) – Characteristics of High-Performance Schools: Energy and Indoor Environmental Quality, Meeting and Exceeding High- Performance Standards, Codes and Guidelines with Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Systems and Equipment, and Understanding and Evaluating Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Technologies.
* Patrick J. Reynolds, Poolpak (York, PA) – Natatorium Environmental Control.

The new lecturers will serve a two-year. There are 75 Distinguished Lecturers representing 15 countries for 2008-09. These lecturers are available to present on 326 topics.

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