This marks the 11th year of the Distinguished Lecturer Program, with almost 800 lectures given since the program began in 1999. The 70 Lecturers represent 13 countries, including Argentina, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Columbia, Hong Kong, Egypt, India, Thailand, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, Mexico, and the United States. These lecturers are available to present on 350 topics and speak 11 languages.

The new lecturers and their presentation topics are:

•      ASHRAE President Lynn G. Bellenger, P.E.,ASHRAE Certified Building Energy Modeling Professional and a High Performance Building Design Professional, Pathfinder Engineers and Architects (Rochester, NY) – Standard 189.1, Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings; Modeling a Sustainable World; Standard 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, Appendix G Performance Rating System; ASHRAE’s Initiatives for Sustainable Design and Net-Zero-Energy Buildings; and the Role of Energy Targets in Achieving Net-Zero-Energy Buildings.
•      Armando Chamorro, CTH Environmental Solutions (Miami) – Indoor Environmental Quality Testing to Achieve LEED™ Certification; Use of Tracer Gases in Building Forensic Studies; and Tools to Assist you in Complying with Standard 62.1, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, in Existing Buildings
•      David John, P.E., Metal Industries (Clearwater, FL) – Fundamentals of Room Air Distribution; Air Terminal Unit Selection Guidelines for Consulting Engineer•       Bryant Lampley, P.E., Envirotrol Kernersville, NC) – Open Control or What’s in a Name; Digital Controls Systems Explained
•       Apichit Lumlertpongpana, P.E., I.T.C. Co., Huamkar, Bangkok, Thailand – How to Design Ammonia Save and Safe; Turnkey Industrial Refrigeration Plant Design – Built and Manufacturing – from Beginning to End; Industrial Refrigeration for Food Preservation; and Ice on Coil External and Internal Melt Thermal Ice Storage Design
•      Thomas Meyer, P.E., Praxis Green (Neenah, WI) – A Taste of Greenspeak: the Language and Culture of Green; Building Water Systems: Water, Water Everywhere, Which Drop to Drink
•      James Newman, ASHRAE Certified Operations and Performance Management Professional, Newman Consulting Group (Bloomfield Hills, MI) – LEED and Integrated Design: What Does that Really Mean; IAQ, Productivity, Health, Energy and Legal Liability: How to Avoid Problems or How Much Does a Lawsuit Cost Compared to Good IAQ; The Energy Policy Act of 2005 and How You Can Profit from it; Transforming an Older Facility Into a High-Performing Building; Why High-Performance Green Buildings Don’t Have to Cost More; Green Practices and Standards 90.1 and 62.1: How to Have a Healthier, More Profitable Building with Better Mechanical/Electrical Design; and How to Achieve LEED Gold Certification and Enjoy a Healthier, Less Costly Building with Better HVAC&R Design
•      James Tauby, P.E., Mason Industries (Hauppauge, NY) – Restraint of Rooftop Equipment for High Wind Areas; Penthouse Mechanical Rooms: Why Are they Seismically a Challenge; Proper Installation Methods Using ASHRAE’s Practical Guide to Seismic Restraint; and Seismic Restraint of Mechanical Systems
•      Kecha Thirakomen, P.E., EEC Engineering Network (Bangkok, Thailand) – Combined Cooling and Power System Feasibility; OAU Dehumidification System Selection
•      R. Vijayakumar, Ph.D., Aerfil (Liverpool, NY) – Basics of Cleanroom Design; Introduction to Particle Mechanicals; Introduction to Particle Measurements; Fibrous Filter Media; Fundamentals of High Efficiency Air Filters: Theory and Practice and Testing High Efficiency Filters

For a complete listing of Distinguished Lecturers and detailed procedures on how to arrange a lecturer presentation, visit For additional information, contact Rosy Douglas, manager of chapter programs, at or 678-539-1128.