As part of Engineers Week (Feb. 16-22), ASHRAE named its 2014 New Face of Engineering: Rebecca Delaney, P.E.

ASHRAE says its New Faces of Engineering was introduced by the organization in 2003 during National Engineers Week, and aims to highlight the unique work of young engineers and their impact on society.

Delaney is mechanical engineer at Primera Engineers in Chicago. She holds both a Bachelor and Master of Architectural Engineering from Penn State University.

“I am honored to be ASHRAE's 2014 New Face of Engineering,” Delaney said. “As a young engineer, I'm excited to share my experiences of the global impact of our industry and changes/advancements my generation is poised to make during our careers.”

At Primera Engineers, Delaney works to deliver cost-effective and innovative ways to reduce her clients’ energy usage. She has optimized geothermal systems to produce radiant water temperatures without heat pumps and educates her clients on the benefits of radiant heating/cooling systems and the importance of envelope performance to passively reduce thermal loads. Additionally, Delaney is a global leader for Engineers without Borders and travels to Kenya and Uganda to teach sustainable practices to local communities.

“As a young engineer, Rebecca plays an important role in shaping the future of how buildings are designed, constructed, and maintained,” said ASHRAE President Bill Bahnfleth. “She comes to the industry with a fresh perspective and strives to design sustainable, high-performance buildings that provide high levels of indoor environmental quality with low-energy consumption. Additionally, her work in Engineers without Borders is saving lives and helps to ensure that sustainable practices are put to use around the world.”