IMC-2003, the 18th Annual International Maintenance Conference is scheduled for December 7-10, 2003 in Clearwater, FL. The theme of the conference is “Mastering the Maintenance Process.” IMC-2003 is an event where maintenance and reliability professionals can learn from each other through a series of informative presentations, question and answers sessions, roundtable discussions, and a selection of full-day workshops.

Participants will discover exciting new ideas and learn helpful techniques for maintenance and reliability, predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, and maintenance basics like prioritizing, planning, and scheduling work.

There will be over 30 speakers in four "how-to" conference tracks, two open microphone group discussion sessions, three full-day workshops, and plenty of opportunities to network with people who have to solve the same issues that maintenance professionals face on a daily basis.

For more information, visit or call 239-985-0317.