ASHRAE is currently finalizing the technical program for its International Conference on Energy and Environment in Ships. The event will take place May 22-24, 2015, in Athens, Greece. Registration is slated to open in April.

Organized by ASHRAE, the Hellenic Navy, the Technical Chamber of Greece, and the ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter, the conference is focused on the state of the art and challenges related to HVACR, indoor environmental quality, and energy safety and security on ships as well as onshore facilities.

The conference presents an overview of the areas relevant to military and commercial ships. Conference paper topics cover energy conservation and efficiency, ship HVAC systems, economic and financial considerations, IAQ in compact cabins, and much more. Among the 30-plus papers to be presented are:

• Evaluation of Thermoelectric Generators for Waste Heat Recovery in Ships

• Minimizing Shipboard HVAC Energy Costs through Optimal Design

• Deep Water Wind Energy Production and Storage Coupled with Desalination Process

• Power Plant-Related Measures for Improving Energy Efficiency in Ships

• Energy Performance of a Liquid Desiccant and Evaporative Cooling-Assisted 100% Outdoor Air System in Commercial Ships

• Application of Photovoltaics on Ship Electrical Power Systems: Utopia or Reality?

• Life Cycle Assessment as a Prerequisite Tool in Maritime Industry

• Optimal Economic Operation of a Complex Electric Power System with Shaft Generators

• Capital Budgeting Techniques in Energy Systems Applied in Marine Science

• Production and Characterization of Zero Waste Biodiesel from Green Algae (Cladophora glomerata)

• Current and Future Trends on Marine Antifouling Coatings and the Study of Energy Efficiency Benefits for a Naval Fleet

• Royal Naval HVAC Systems

In addition, the United Nations Environment Program presents a special session with a range of topics and presenters that addresses the management of ozone-depleting substances in the fishing and shipping sectors.

The conference seeks to bring together the various professions in the shipping industry, according to Dimitris Charalambopoulos, conference chair.

“This conference will be the first of its kind to draw up the strong links to the Hellenic Navy, the shipping community, and the engineering community,” he said. “Attendees can expect to see current practices, new approaches, methodologies and technologies, and identify areas of improvement.”

More information can be found at Registration will open April 2015. Registration fee for the technical program is 35 euros. Technical program and all social events registration fee is 155 euros.  Reduced registration is available for students. All sessions take place at the Yacht Club of Greece and at the Hellenic Naval Academy.