Owner Team: Chief operating officer, major hotel chain, owner representative (consultant), vice president of support services, information technology (IT) senior manager and third-party commissioning consultant (CxC)

Project Delivery Team: IAQ design-build (D-B) project manager and EHS (environmental health and safety) consultant

IAQ Project Team: IAQ D-B engineer, IT software programmer, air filter equipment manufacturer representative and remote monitoring installation subcontractor

ASHRAE Handbook References:

2020 ASHRAE Handbook-HVAC Systems and Equipment: HVAC System Analysis and Selection, Chapter 1.

2021 ASHRAE Handbook-FundamentalsIndoor Environmental Quality Chapters 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 and Measurement and Instruments Chapter 37.

2023 ASHRAE Handbook-HVAC Applications: Hospitality Chapter 7, Computer Applications Chapter 41, and Supervisory Control Strategies and Optimization Chapter 43.

Project Type: Infrastructure IAQ Enhancements with IAQ guest room monitors, measurement and computer/internet reporting.

Other References: Refer to “Codes & Standards” (back of each ASHRAE Handbook for additional reference),ASHRAE Standard 202 (RE: Commissioning Process for Buildings & Systems), Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA ), ANSI/ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 62.2 Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality, Multi-point IAQ Monitoring and Association of Software Professionals


  • The IAQ system management selection and design intent are based on the problem-solving format outlined in ASHRAE Handbook 2020 Chapter 1 HVAC System Analysis and Selection. It includes the Owner Building Program Goals and Additional Goals, and System Constraints and Constructability Constraints.
  • Complete environmental audit of guest room health and IAQ on a hotel-by-hotel basis involving six states for a total of 30 hotels in 2024.
  • Furnish and install direct digital control (DDC) monitoring, measuring and real-time reporting via corporate hotel office IT management department, Internet connections at each hotel, and to IT operator’s and senior manager’s IAQ dashboard.
  • New IAQ-DDC system will be Internet interfaced to provide remote monitoring and alarms between each site and the corporate IAQ dashboard.
  • Program & Project Goals refer to Functional Goals: (refer to chapter 1, 2020 Handbook).
  • Budget goals are to document guest room IAQ, space comfort experience and market the results referencing an in-company IAQ certification program.
  • Management goals include property management and environmental and occupant health management success.
  • Utility availabilities: are electrical power, and emergency power.
  • Existing conditions : Using the new DDC system monitor and measure existing guest room IAQ conditions so as to benchmark existing to new.
  • IAQ system flagship: To be the first to certify an IAQ standard for hotel guest rooms at the 30-hospitality facilities.


  • The IAQ system management design criteria shall be in sync with the project delivery method and owner’s project requirements noted above.
  • The design criteria shall be based on an HVAC and IAQ audit of the existing decentralized packaged terminal air-conditioning (PTAC) units with heat pump, existing temperature controls, and associated operation and maintenance management of each facility.
  • New DDC sensor-transmitters shall detect and measure IAQ components required to recognize and acknowledge the health of the guest shall be installed by the remote monitoring installation subcontractor.
  • Sensor-transmitters shall measure:
    • Particle matter 2.5 microns or less (PM2.5) and total number particle count
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • Carbon monoxide (CO1)
    • Volatile organic compounds (TVOC)
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
  • New IAQ-DDC system will be stand-alone with interfaced from each guest room back to corporate office IAQ dashboard and D-B remote computer.
  • New IAQ dashboard in the lobby of each hotel.
  • New in-room, HEPA allergen remover air purifier. Total of 9,000 units furnished by the air filter equipment manufacturer representative.
  • The sensor-transmitters shall wirelessly transmit data to the D-B firm’s “cloud” for analysis and safe storage, as well as to the corporate home office’s IAQ project manager and EHS consultant data storage.
  • The first full year of results shall be documented into a IAQ report and those hotels, exceeding existing conditions by 50%, shall be certified with a plaque in the front lobby of the facility next to the facility’s 30 inch dashboard monitor.
  • D-B IAQ design engineer shall provide system flow diagrams with associated IAQ system automatic management control bill-of-materials, and sequence of operation.
  • Third-party commissioning consultant shall verify design intent and design criteria compliance, including seasonal compliance verification in the warranty phase.
  • D-B project manager shall include estimates for all costs associated with design, build, warranty, and one-year remote monitoring, measuring, and reporting along with quarterly client meeting with the D-B firm’s project manager, client’s IAQ project manager, EHS consultant andair filter equipment manufacturer representative.