RectorSeal LLC announced the release of new code-compliant HVAC lineset jackets offering protection from wind, code compliant UV rays, and abrasion. With the growth of new building code regulations requiring the protection of foam insulation on HVAC linesets, RectorSeal now offers UV-resistant PVC foam insulation jackets providing a compliant solution for HVAC contractors.

The hook-and-loop fastening system is bonded and sewn for extra adherence.  That allows the lineset insulation jackets to be both removable and reusable. Available in three wall sizes, the system lineset jackets are designed to fit residential and commercial ducted and ductless HVAC systems.

Additional features of the lineset jackets include a Class II Vapor Retarder Per ASTM-E96 Water/Vapor Permeability Test. Further, they provide a secure, breathable, tight fit, covering multiple lineset diameters, and do not fray when cut to size.

“The addition of our new lineset jackets is a perfect complement to our Outset Seal products,” said Jeff Underwood, senior vice president for sales and marketing at RectorSeal. “We now have an end-to-end protection system for HVAC linesets from wall penetration to condensing unit. We strive to provide our customers with optimal solutions that offer added protection and code compliance regardless of the product category.”

RectorSeal is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials Inc.