HOUSTON — RectorSeal LLC., a manufacturer of HVACR and plumbing accessories and a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials Inc., released its Outset Seal, an adjustable lineset protection system for ducted and ductless HVAC installations.

The Outset Seal is designed to protect indoor areas by blocking air leakage, moisture penetration, and rodent intrusion and hiding unsightly wall penetrations where HVAC linesets enter or exit structures. The product is backed with RectorSeal’s three-year limited warranty that requires no registration.

Compared with other products on the market, the Outset Seal works on new and existing installations. Moreover, based on its unique hinge design, a single size can cover ducted and ductless applications. This broader mix of product applications ensures that the Outset Seal can serve a range of installations.

The Outset Seal kit is easy to install and, with a single SKU, comes complete with all components required to deliver professional-looking installations. Suitable for both new and retrofit HVAC installations, the Outset Seal kit includes a 12-by-12-inch panel that will accommodate HVAC linesets up to measurements of 7/8-inch outside diameter with ¾-inch of insulation.

“This product is another example of how we provide innovative solutions to trade professionals,” said Justin Soliz, product specialist at RectorSeal. “The Outset Seal is a great product to help HVAC technicians eliminate unsightly lineset installations, and it provides outstanding protection against the most common problems associated with open space around linesets. In addition, the Outset Seal is a perfect complement to RectorSeal’s line of lineset covers.”

For more information, visitwww.rectorseal.com