Over the last three years, ABMA has gone through a transformation that culminated in BOILER 2022 – ABMA’s Boiler Technology Conference & Expo, bringing together more than 900 attendees throughout the boiler supply chain. During this period, ABMA also created the Hydronics Product Group, welcoming this sector into the membership; established a Technical Committee to support technical consultants Gene Tompkins and Mike Valentino; and worked in concert to create the Boiler Maintenance Schedule and Boiler Efficiency Calculator.

I want to thank the ABMA staff and volunteer leaders for staying the course and pushing through many obstacles, including a global pandemic. While there were starts and stops, we remained steadfast on advancing the boiler industry and had much success.

But, the evolution of ABMA continues, and I am excited to announce we have recently engaged McKinley Advisors to partner with our staff and volunteer leaders to build on our recent success and take ABMA to even greater heights.

McKinley offers a deep knowledge of the issues associations face and is skilled at collaborating with executives and volunteer leaders to craft effective and practical strategies to guide their organizations.

Over the next few months, ABMA and McKinley will engage our members and boiler supply chain partners through surveys and interviews to obtain key insights on how the industry continues to evolve and how ABMA can enhance our programs and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our members and the boiler industry.

This fall, ABMA will bring together its volunteer leaders for a two-day strategic planning session in Dallas, facilitated by McKinley Advisors. 

So, here is your call to action. If you have feedback on ABMA, thoughts on how ABMA can enhance a program and service, or completely new ideas, let’s start a dialogue. Send me a message at scott@abma.com

We look forward to your feedback and charting a course for greater success in the future.