VIENNA, Va. — Last week, the ABMA board of directors created a Hydronics Product Group during its meeting at the 2020 Annual Meeting at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, California. The Hydronics Product Group will be composed of manufacturers of hydronics equipment and components that contribute to low-pressure steam and hot water heating as stated in Section IV of the ASME code.

The Hydronics Product Group will focus in the following areas:

• A forum to discuss trends and address issues impacting the Hydronics sector;

• Serve as a watchdog for hydronic boiler centric codes and standards bodies, including ASME and various air quality districts to bring awareness, information, and influence for the

hydronics companies;

• Serve as a voice for the hydronics sector to act on issues to protect and positively impact


• Stands as the respected “voice of authority” in the hydronics sector, where deliberation and recommendations on common product applications issues can be heard, addressed, and communicated;

• Provide a place for thought leadership for the hydronics sector;

• Operate as an entity to identify and create needed education for all industry participants; and

• Contribute to and participate in boiler centric trade shows such as BOILER2021 that feature hydronics.


ABMA Hydronics Product Group is intended to complement programs and activities these companies already receive from other organizations. For more information, visit