LOS GATOS, Calif. — Superior Sensor Technology is offering an integrated pressure switch feature with three threshold pressure modes as part of its NimbleSense™ architecture, a system-in-a-sensor, application-specific pressure sensor platform for HVAC, medical, and industrial products. Customers have an option to integrate the switching feature into Superior Sensor Technology’s pressure sensors, eliminating the cost of an external switch, and improving performance with faster response times. The new pressure switch capability also maximizes design flexibility, reduces PCB board space, lowers power consumption, and minimizes product design complexity and manufacturing costs.  

A pressure switch provides a failsafe response when a certain pressure threshold is met. As such, pressure switches often serve as a safety feature and are a critical component of many medical devices, HVAC systems, and industrial products. The switch acts as an on/off mechanism that is triggered when a certain air pressure value is reached. For example, when measuring air pressure through an air filter, if the pressure value goes above a specified level, such as 2 inH2O, the switch can notify the maintenance crew to clean or replace the filter. A safety medical example can be seen with ventilators, where pressure switches are in place and activated if too much pressure is being applied to the patients.

Superior Sensor Technology has designed its integrated switch with three modes for setting threshold pressure, providing customers full implementation flexibility. Modes include a Fixed Mode set by Superior Sensor Technology specific to the manufacturer’s application, a Variable Mode 1 that the manufacturer sets during product production, and a Variable Mode 2 that is field programmable using software, enabling the switch to be adjusted based on the application at that time. 

“Our objective is to offer customers the highest level of integration in the industry to exponentially improve their product manufacturing cost/performance and provide more design flexibility,” said Tim Shotter, cofounder and chief technology officer, Superior Sensor Technology. “Offering an integrated pressure switch feature for NimbleSense proves our continued commitment to offering the highest level of integration and performance in the industry.”

Unique to the industry, the NimbleSense architecture simplifies product design with an integrated building block approach, enabling customers to purchase pressure sensors with features specific to their product application requirements. With the addition of the pressure switch, Superior Sensor Technology is now offering seven features for the NimbleSense architecture. Other features include Multi-Range™, Z-Track™, Closed Loop Control, Advanced Digital Filtering, 50/60 Notch Filter, and Self Aware™.

The pressure switch feature is available now for the following Superior Sensor Technology products; the CP Series for PAP applications, HV Series for HVAC applications, and ND Series for industrial applications. For more information, visit www.superiorsensors.com.