HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Superior Boiler received a U.S. patent for engineering advancements that significantly improve the company’s watertube boiler designs. Characteristics of the company’s newly patented DFW design include:

  • A smaller overall footprint compared to current designs while maintaining overall capacity throughput.
  • Utilization of a lower fan horsepower to create the same steam flow as a conventional boiler design, resulting in lower overall cost of operations to end users.
  • Lower overall operating emissions, resulting in cleaner overall boiler operating systems that are more environmentally friendly.
  • Reduced requirements for purchased materials and subcomponents, providing end customers a more cost-competitive offering compared to existing systems.


“We are thrilled to move the boiler industry a step further in technology advancement with the DFW system,” said Doug Wright, president and CEO, Superior Boiler. “Our engineering team, headed by Sundeep Bodapati, president of engineering, clearly thought beyond traditional parameters. Sundeep pushed himself and his team to work through the engineering details needed to bring this innovative design to life and obtain a patent.”

The DFW system can be applied to all of the company’s existing watertube boiler offerings. It already has been proven out on several of Superior’s O-type (Ottawa) rental trailer units and fixed-location boilers.

“This technology is a real industry game changer,” said Don Whitman, vice president & general manager – watertube division. “We believe the DFW design, coupled with Superior’s long history of delivering quality boiler equipment, will only enhance the offerings available from our portfolio of products to end customers. We continuously strive to improve our processes, and being granted this patent is a visible reward for our team on this particular objective.”