GREENWOOD, Ind. — Netilion Water Network Insights (NWNI) enables full transparency for water networks around the clock by providing reliable monitoring of flow, pressure, temperature, level, water quality, and other measurements. This software service connects all levels of water supply systems, empowering service providers and water associations to manage multiple control and data sources through a single interface. These sources include field devices, industrial controllers, data transfer components, data recording and archiving devices, analysis and forecasting tools, and others.

NWNI provides access to all measurement data gathered in a water network and transmitted to the cloud, whether its users are accessing the system from a control room computer, via a laptop at home, on a tablet in the field, or from a smartphone on the move. The web-based interface provides users with complete system monitoring, and when limit values are exceeded, or in the event of failure, it delivers alarms to users via e-mail, SMS, or push notifications.

The software system includes many evaluation tools, including time curves, diagrams, tables, and trends, and by incorporating external data sources — such as weather prediction systems — users can also create trend analyses and forecasts. These tools help inform characteristics, like run-off during heavy rainfall, consumer water demand, and expected availability.

Secure and flexible connectivity options are critical for modern facilities, and NWNI provides these with cutting-edge data exchange technologies. All communication is encrypted and secure, even in remote regions with a self-sufficient power supply, providing data reliability and integrity.

NWNI provides facility personnel with system-wide views, reducing required rounds and verifying functional operation of remote spring taps, elevated reservoirs, pipelines, pumping and distribution stations, and more. This makes it possible to keep close tabs on a broad range of system values and quality parameters including:

  • Comprehensive water quantity and quality monitoring around the clock;
  • Accurate custody transfer allocation and cost accounting;
  • Reliable leak locating;
  • Weather impacts; and
  • Energy efficiency and optimization.


NWNI for Wastewater – Complying with Environmental Regulations

Industrial, commercial, and municipal wastewater regulatory agencies mandate many water quality parameters to protect the environment, so facilities must treat wastewater in several stages prior to discharge. To maintain compliance, these facilities must carefully monitor water quality, substance concentrations, pollution loads, and other parameters.

NWNI ensures wastewater treatment organizations meet or maintain these requirements at all times of the day, by assisting operations with:

  • Reliable forecasts of in/outflows and water quality by leveraging current weather data and state-of-the-art analysis algorithms;
  • Optimal sizing of wastewater treatment plants through the comprehensive knowledge of effluent substance concentration and material loads in catchment areas;
  • Reliable substance concentration control by using data from liquid analysis devices;
  • Precise flow and concentration measurement to ensure accurate billing of wastewater charges; and
  • Biological process risk mitigation by monitoring influent substance concentrations.


Heartbeat Technology Provides Safety in Custody Transfer

In water custody transfer, infinitesimal inaccuracies in flow measurement can create significant billing discrepancies. Although frequent testing can reduce the occurrence of these errors, it historically required removing flowmeters from service for testing and calibration. Frequent removal is often impractical, particularly on large water pipelines over a few feet in diameter.

Addressing this challenge, Endress+Hauser’s integrated Heartbeat Technology testing functionality provides verification of flow meter measurements with the push of a button. Users can view these automatically generated verification records in NWNI.

NWNI provides systemwide visualization and recordkeeping, improving regulatory, reporting, and custody transfer accuracy. These tools help water agencies streamline operations, improve decision-making, and increase revenue streams. To learn more about NWNI visit: