REINACH, Basel, Switzerland — The extraction and transport of water often takes place in remote areas where there is no possibility to supply measuring instruments with power or to transmit data via wired connectivity. It is precisely for such applications that Endress+Hauser has developed the innovative Promag W 800 flowmeter with battery-powered operation. It provides maintenance-free operation for up to 15 years as well as worldwide secure data transfer via cellular radio.

The Promag W 800 electromagnetic flowmeter ensures not only reliable monitoring of water supply networks but also efficient and time-saving maintenance. Leaks can be located reliably, and non-billable water losses (non-revenue water) can be avoided.

Promag W 800 is suitable for measuring lake, river, spring, or groundwater flows for drinking and process water as well as for applications in distribution networks subject to fiscal metering. Likewise of great importance are consumption measurements when irrigating the frequently huge agricultural areas in climatic dry regions.

Promag W 800 has a backlit display, making it quick and easy to read measured values. Endress+Hauser’s SmartBlue app can be used to interact with the flowmeter for operations and to provide more comprehensive data retrieval on-site. It is also available with various drinking water approvals such as KTW/W270, WRAS BS6920, ACS, or NSF 61. These features combine to provide reliable monitoring of water flows and long-term economical operation:

•           Seamless consumption measurements with a maximum measured error of ±0.5%;

•           Exact cost allocation and billing in accordance with various laws and regulations;

•           Monitoring of important characteristic variables such as water volume, totalized flow, flow limits, etc.; and

•           Targeted leakage detection, e.g., by water balancing between two measuring points or by detecting pressure changes caused by water losses.


Secure worldwide data transmission and access

For future-oriented communication and connectivity, the Proline 800 transmitter includes everything needed within its minimal footprint: measuring electronics, batteries, data logger, and a cellular radio module to send and receive data worldwide via LTE Cat M1, LTE Cat NB1, or EGPRS. Furthermore, it can provide measured values and status messages online, such as flow, pressure, totalizer, device and process status, alarm messages, level of battery charge, and many others.

Various Endress+Hauser solution tools are available for this purpose. The Netilion Value app provides easy access to the most important measured values of a specific device. Netilion Water Network Insights is a cloud-based solution for monitoring and visualizing extensive water networks in which Promag W 800, is employed to communicate with the flowmeter, store data, and provide worldwide secure access.

A built-in data logger safely stores up to 10,000 measured values or entries with an optional extended data logger capable of storing up to 50,000 values. With a SIM card, it is also possible to integrate Promag W 800 into end user SCADA systems. For all connectivity options, global end-to-end encrypted data transmission provides maximum cybersecurity. 

Long-term operation underground or under water

Flowmeters are often exposed to heat, dust, and climatic variations and are often installed under water or underground. The robust and fully welded Promag W sensor operates in such environmental conditions without any problems.

The Promag W can be ordered with a specially certified corrosion protection (EN ISO 12944) and IP68 (Type 6P) degree of protection, which completely prevents water ingress. Both order options guarantee long-term operation, even in salty environments, or in climatic regions with significant fluctuations in humidity and/or temperature.

Heartbeat Technology – for reliable measurements and maximum operational safety

In fiscal metering transactions, the smallest inaccuracies in flow measurement can cause massive shortfalls in annual billing, either for suppliers or for consumers. In the 24/7/365 operations common to the water industry, however, it is seldom realistic to remove flowmeters for test measurements or recalibration, particularly in large water pipelines.

To address this issue, integrated Heartbeat Technology makes it possible to monitor Promag flowmeters continuously and verify their functional capability at the press of a button, thus providing evidence of consistently high measurement accuracy within specifications. This enables assured compliance with regulations applying to fiscal metering measuring points without interrupting the process. If Promag W 800 is part of the Netilion Water Network Insights solution, users can initiate and view this metrologically traceable verification directly over the cloud, anytime and from anywhere.

Verification logs are generated automatically and stored securely, providing the data often needed for later audits, or for drafting documentation to comply with statutory requirements. In consultation with regulatory authorities, this feature may enable legally required calibration intervals to be extended. For water system operators, this provides significantly lower costs when operating measuring points for fiscal metering. For more information, please go to: