NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — The 55-gallon Everlast Elevate electric storage water heater was developed as an innovative solution to federal regulations imposed on light duty electric tank-type water heaters with storage capacities larger than 55 gallons. Elevate water heaters offers the highest heat output and greatest recovery rates among all water heaters in the 55-gallon size, industry-wide. They outperform a broad range of smaller, and larger water heaters, including those up to 100 gallons in size.

HTP Elevate water heaters require a 30-amp, 240-volt circuit, a power requirement that accelerates heat production using two, 5,500-watt titanium heating elements. Elevate was engineered to deliver maximum performance and minimize standby loss by reducing turbulence within the tank and stimulating heat stratification.

Its 316 L stainless-steel construction paired with a high-grade anode rod allows the water heaters to store more thermal energy without risk of premature failure due to corrosion.

An adjustable thermostat and ASSE 1017 mixing valve allow for high storage temperatures while also assuring safe water delivery temperatures to all plumbing fixtures. Elevate water heaters includes a mechanical reset high limit cutout for overheat protection. These standard components make it possible to increase water storage temperatures, up to 170°F — assuring fast recovery, and maximum protection against Legionella and many other pathogens.

HTP Elevate water heaters were developed with installers, building owners, and homeowners in mind. It was designed to fit in the footprint of traditional 80 and 100-gallon electric storage water heaters to provide a quick, easy solution for new and replacement installations. For more information, visit