CRESTMEAD, Australia — Properly functioning heat exchangers are increasingly important for energy conservation and lessening the carbon footprint of commercial and industry applications where an energy or a heat stream was previously exhausted or wasted. Heat exchangers recover this heat and put it to use by heating a different stream in the process. 

Optimized heat recovery, efficient cooling, and reduced chiller load are driving progress in the design and function of plate heat exchangers, for example, which are widely used throughout industry for cooling and heating industrial processes, such as air conditioning and refrigeration, food and beverage processing, power generation,  alternate fuels, cryogenic, heat recovery, and other industries.

A key to the efficiency of plate heat exchangers is even gasket compression between plates to ensure optimum service life before maintenance and even transfer of heat across the surface of the plates to gain the maximum energy transfer efficiency and minimized losses.

This laborious tensioning of the multiple plates involved can be very time-consuming and physically demanding where only one stud is tightened at a time with nut runners and even with multiple specially designed torque wrenches, said John Bucknell, founder and CEO, Technofast Industries. 

Technofast’s hydraulically actuated FastaJacs can be pressurized simultaneously to compress gaskets evenly by applying the same amount of force to each tension rod.

This speed and accuracy capability is becoming even more important as industries shift to compact heat exchangers for optimized heat recovery, efficient cooling, and reduced chilling requirements, said Bucknell.

“Technofast’s FastaJac saves on production, labor, and maintenance costs for manufacturers and end users of plate heat exchangers,” continued Bucknell. “The use of the tool’s integrated lightweight hollow cylinder jack in conjunction with its patented ‘Tri Nut’ allows the compression of plates to be carried out evenly, squarely and efficiently. 

The hydraulic cylinders simultaneously compress the plates. The Tri-Nut is designed to fit over the major diameter of the thread until it engages into its spherical seat. Then, the nut closes onto the thread and the nut is screwed home as normal. This facilitates speedy fitting and removal of the tools removing the need for ‘running down’ the Ttnsioner retaining nut over the full length of the thread.

Technofast has supplied the FastaJac system to a number of organizations specializing in the repair and maintenance of plate-type heat exchangers (PHE). 

FastaJacTool Features:

•           The patented ‘Tri Nut’ allows the Tensioner to be removed and installed on the exchanger quickly;

•           The hydraulic cylinders simultaneously compress the plates so compression of plates carried out evenly, squarely, and efficiently;

•            Unique cam lock design;

•           Tri nut locks into tool, even in upside down position;

•           Quick connect fittings;

•           No pinch points;

•           Quick fitting with Tri-Nut;

•           Rapid change to alternative sizes;

•           Long working stroke;

•           Dual action hydraulic advance/retract;

•           Powder coated finish for durability; and

•           Suitable for plate heat exchangers and pre and post tensioning applications.


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