Climatherm-021714-body.jpgMarlow Industries Europe GmbH has launched the Climatherm range of Air to Air heat exchangers. The new Climatherm range from Marlow brings increased heat power transfer while remaining within the industry standard footprint, according to company officials. Using thermo electrics at its core, these compact designs provide increased efficiency compared with existing designs. Using the latest heat sink technology and ducted air flow, Climatherm was thermally modeled from its concept to optimize all aspects of the design.

The company says the assemblies have high COP and only need to be mounted into the application and connected to electrical power via the supplied lead and connector. Applications include cabinet cooling, laser, telecommunications, machine and instrumentation temperature control, medical applications, food and beverage, and more.   

They are available in three voltages 12, 24 and 48V DC, and offered in four exchanger designs ranging in heat pumping capacity from 75 to 245W. All units are RoHS and EU compliant, and also available as air to cold plate variants.