FAIRFAX, Va. — Dewberry, a privately held professional services firm, announced the acquisition of Edmonds Engineering. The 75-plus person firm has five locations with offices in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee with its headquarters located in Birmingham, Alabama.

“Our immediate comradery and strategic alignment are two of the many reasons why Edmonds Engineering is excited to join Dewberry,” said Dan Blackman, P.E., CEO, Edmonds Engineering. “This will allow us to provide resources from a national firm with expertise across the U.S. and encompassing many markets and services. We anticipate business as normal with our leadership and project staff in place with outstanding opportunities for our staff to have improved access to training and development programs, an expanded knowledge base, and project diversity, which we will leverage in support of our clients and continue our culture of execution.”

“As a family-owned, client-centric, and community-driven firm, we believe that welcoming Edmonds Engineering into Dewberry is a strategic move that will allow us all to better serve our clients, given that both organizations have similar values and goals,” said Barry K. Dewberry, executive chairman of the board, Dewberry.

“Edmonds Engineering has a large footprint in the Southeast and a strong reputation as an MEP firm in several market segments, including health care, education, laboratories, municipal, industrial, commercial, and federal,” said Donald E. Stone Jr., P.E., CEO, Dewberry.

Dan M. Pleasant, P.E., COO, Dewberry, said, “As we welcome Edmonds Engineering, we are able to provide our clients across the federal, commercial, and state/local markets with added capacity and deeper subject matter expertise from an expanded geographic platform.”

“Dewberry’s existing MEP service group of more than 200 is thrilled to welcome Edmonds Engineering,” said Shepard Hockaday, P.E., LEED AP, senior vice president, Dewberry. “As we continue to make clients a priority in health care, education, community facility, energy, industrial, and water market segments, Dewberry | Edmonds will be a welcome and natural fit with how we do business.”

As Dewberry | Edmonds, the firm’s existing leadership will continue to lead operations across the various Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee offices, delivering quality services to their clients. For more information, visit www.dewberry.com.