The Boiler Lizard® Plus is an easy-to-use, two-part, complete dry-layup set that protects boilers from corrosion all the way from shutdown through initial startup. Boiler Lizard Plus combines the Boiler Lizard with the completely new Boiler Egg™, which activates at the end of layup to protect against oxygen pitting during the critical startup phase. Little or no surface prep is needed, and the products do not need to be removed when bringing the boiler online.

The first step in applying Boiler Lizard Plus is to place the Boiler Lizard inside the boiler. This is an easy and safe to handle product that can completely replace desiccants, silica gel, and nitrogen blanketing. Personnel can simply remove the Boiler Lizard from its outer package, slit open its water-soluble inner bag, lay Boiler Lizard inside the boiler, and shut all boiler openings. The Boiler Lizard will release Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that fill the space and adsorb on the metal surfaces in a protective molecular layer that inhibits corrosion — even in recessed areas and interior cavities of deaerator/FW tanks, boiler internals, and condensate return tanks.

With the Boiler Lizard Plus, Cortec’s new Boiler Egg can now be placed right next to the Boiler

Lizard at the beginning of seasonal or long-term layup. The Boiler Egg lies intact and dormant until the boiler is refilled. The Boiler Egg will dissolve and begin to scavenge oxygen and passivate the metal surfaces during the initial filling of the boiler with makeup water, which is often unheated and not yet chemically treated. Boiler Egg is pH neutral, biodegradable, and non-hazardous by OSHA Standard (OSHA 29 CFT 1910.1200).

By using Boiler Lizard Plus, boiler operators and water treatment personnel can take advantage of the benefits that Boiler Lizard users have come to know and love, in addition to the completely new features of the Boiler Egg. The kit provides corrosion protection for up to 12 months of layup, plus corrosion protection during the critical startup phase when oxygen-rich waters are beginning to fill the boiler but the normal chemical operating program has not yet been implemented.

Boiler owners, operators, and water treatment service providers used to have to rely on more cumbersome and sometimes even more dangerous methods of corrosion protection during layup, with no way to protect against oxygen pitting at startup. Now they can protect against both problems by applying Boiler Lizard Plus this spring and starting up the boiler as usual next fall.

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