RectorSeal® Corp. has developed the Slimduct® Lineset Protection Cover Kit by Inabo Denko, the original premium lineset cover manufacturer. RectorSeal's compactly boxed kit provides all the duct and fittings necessary for protecting and concealing linesets in a routine central split-system or minisplit air conditioning installation.  
The kit's premium-grade duct and fittings are designed and selected for the North American commercial building and luxury home market and include: four 4-ft-long lengths totaling 13 ft (4-meters), three couplers, wall inlet, end fitting, 90-degree flat elbow, zip ties and rust-proof SAE 304 stainless steel fastener screws.

The kit's contents are UV, weather, and scratch-resistant. They are constructed of heavy-duty PVC extruded lengths and injection-molded fittings, which have undergone laboratory tests that surpass the stringent tensile and bending strength outlaid by Japanese Industry Standard (JIS) K-6745 and K-7203, respectively. The company says the duct and fittings feature an easy-to-clean glossy white surface and either a 3-in deep (77-mm) or 4-in deep (100-mm) profile, the latter of which accommodates thicker insulated linesets used in warmer climates.

The kit is applicable to indoor as well as outdoor lineset concealment and protection and suitable for temperatures -80° to 140°F.