MILWAUKEE — Johnson Controls is reintroducing two lines of 3- to 12.5-ton commercial rooftop units that provide a variety of performance-based comfort solutions for commercial environments. The Johnson Controls Series 12R and Johnson Controls Series 10 have been relaunched as Johnson Controls Core and Johnson Controls Pro, respectively.

A highlight of this relaunch is an upgrade to the airflow strategy from constant volume to three-stage cooling with IntelliSpeed™ control, which delivers up to a 3.4 IEER (26%) increase on comparable models. The ultra-high-efficiency, dual-circuit model Pro rooftop units offer up to 21 IEER. Both platforms have models that meet stringent U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2023, ASHRAE 90.1-2016, and IECC 2015 requirements.

Core units are economically designed for new construction and retrofit applications to minimize the need for transition curbs, while the Pro units offer a premium cabinet with maintenance-friendly standard features for service professionals.

“We are pleased to bring next-level performance to our customers by relaunching these commercial platforms of rooftop units,” said Eric Newberg, director of product management, Commercial Ducted Systems, Johnson Controls. “The new Johnson Controls Core and Pro lines are both Smart Equipment-enabled to help maximize control for greater efficiency, extended equipment life, and reduced operating costs.”

Smart Equipment also provides seamless integration with leading building controls systems, including Verasys. An optional Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway with a Wi-Fi® hotspot provides access to commissioning, configuration, and maintenance logs using a mobile smart device for fewer trips to the job site or the roof to diagnose issues.

 Johnson Controls renamed these rooftop units in an effort to offer greater clarity to its customers, create greater synergy with other recent product launches, and provide a more intuitive view of the value of each platform. Johnson Controls now offers the Core, Pro, Choice, Select, and Premier rooftop platforms that increase in feature set and tonnage, along with other legacy platforms.

Both platforms have multiple airflow strategies including constant volume (CV), IntelliSpeed™ single zone variable air volume (SZVAV), continuous reset single zone (CRSZ), and variable air volume (VAV). Additionally, Core and Pro rooftop units offer many options and accessories to perfectly match a building’s needs and make specification as simple as possible. For more information, visit