FLEMINGTON, N.J. — Altech Corp. has introduced its CY Series of screw clamp terminal blocks featuring a universal and flexible push-in jumper system. Preconfigured jumpers enable users to rapidly customize connection configurations by just snapping the jumpers in place.

The preconfigured jumpers can connect two or more connection points/poles within a channel, from two to 16 points, depending on user selection. Two jumper channels, easy pin breakout, and various pole configuration options make the CY Series customizable to meet most application needs. Pins are easily removed for alternate configurations and/or bridging jumpers.

Center marking area on the CY Series allows easy identification and organization of wiring.  Dimensions depend on model and widths run from 5-10 mm for feed through models.

Snap-On DIN rail ground blocks feature snap-in-place feet, two-connection grounding terminals and come in an industry standard yellow/green color.

CYDL models in the CY Series are multi-function three-level terminal blocks with top level fuse links for 5-by-20 mm fuse types. Some versions include an LED indicator for a blown fuse. These models can handle up to 30 A and can be used for AC or DC applications. They can be configured for disconnect or feed-through wiring.

All CY Series terminal blocks are designed for high density wiring. The features described enable users to save time and space compared to traditional wiring methods. For more information, visit www.altechcorp.com.