Greenheck has added two new models to its line of high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans. Model DS-3, a three-blade HVLS fan for large commercial and industrial spaces, offers capacities up to 164,900 cfm and is available in 14- to 24-foot sizes. Model DC-5, a five-blade HVLS fan featuring a lightweight design to complement office spaces, restaurants and more, offers capacities up to 54,900 cfm and is available in 8 -to 14-foot sizes. Both models can be paired with a keypad control capable of operating up to five HVLS fans at the same speed setting and with the same direction of rotation. A more advanced touchscreen control with BACnet capability is also available. The touchscreen control allows users to integrate their HVLS fans with a BMS, giving BMS full control over the fans and the ability to monitor fan status including fault histories.

Greenheck HVLS fans feature a plug-and-play wiring design and 10 standard safety features including fan impact detection, intelligent VFD and motor protection, and redundant fan restraint systems. Full color customization and an array of accessories are available. Backed by a standard 10-year warranty, Greenheck HVLS fans are ideal for destratification, comfort cooling and condensation prevention in warehouse, manufacturing, automotive, education, and retail applications.