DuctSox says its new C-Series Fabric Diffuser offers a 360-degree air distribution solution for HVAC systems. Ideal for a variety of spaces, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail, fitness, and convention centers, the C-Series drop-down plenum diffuser provides facilities with directional control of their indoor airflow system in spaces where traditional ductwork is not an option.

The C-Series Diffuser features a 360-degree design of porous fabric with a pattern of directional openings. Each diffuser is engineered with a straight or 30-degree angled face and available in a variety of sizes to fit the air distribution needs of the space. The C-Series diffuser utilizes DuctSox’s patented SkeleCore internal tensioning system, which eliminates fabric flutter while maintaining the exterior’s appearance with or without airflow. A stainless-steel internal framework option is also available for food processing and other caustic environments. 

--DuctSox Corporation