LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — FabricAir® Inc, a manufacturer of fabric HVAC duct, introduces the FabricAir Ceiling Diffuser, a seamless, customizable, aesthetic, and easy-to-install fabric air diffuser for T-Bar ceilings in office, education, and other commercial applications. 

The FabricAir Ceiling Diffuser consists of an 11.8-inch (300-mm) plenum and a flat seamless flow panel in sizes of 24-by-24 inch (600-by-600 mm) or 24-by-48 inches (600-by-1,200 mm). The extruded aluminum, fabric-covered plenum adapts to round supply duct ranging from 5-10 inches (127-254 mm). The plenum’s insulation prevents condensation and energy loss. The insulation, plenum design, and flow panel combine to help reduce airflow noise to an industry-low NC-30 or less, depending on operatic static pressure.

The flow panel offers nine standard colors, as well as customized prints, that can match the most popular styles of most suspended ceiling tile brands. Flow panels are also offered in custom hues from a 1,100-color palette. Surface-prints of repeatable patterns from nearly any Internet-available photo stock images can be applied to the fabric to help create bold interior design statements. The FabricAir Ceiling Diffuser is also ideal for exhaust air.

The FabricAir Ceiling Diffuser is shipped to the job site within three weeks of ordering. It then installs within three minutes by lowering the flow panel into the T-Bar track, slipping the diffuser plenum’s 8-inch (203-mm) insulated Combi 90 fabric sleeve onto the supply duct and finally tightening an integral fastener strap. The sleeve and strap accommodate insulated or non-insulated flex duct and metal round duct.  

The flow panel is comprised of FabricAir’s renowned Combi 80 fabric with MicroFlow perforations and an antimicrobial treatment. Its uniform dispersion outperforms metal four-way diffusers in airflow and draft prevention. The flow panel is similar and customizable to static pressure levels of metal diffusers

FabricAir Ceiling Diffuser’s other advantages are:  

  • Suitable for isothermal or cooling conditions;
  • Does not require routine maintenance; however, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected;
  • Lightweight construction puts less stress on ceiling grid structure, because each unit weighs less than 5.5 lbs (2.8-kg), thus saving up to 25 pounds (11.5-kg) versus all-metal diffusers; 
  • 90-degree plenum connects duct horizontally to accommodate tight, low-profile ceilings; and
  • Ideal for credits toward LEED because lightweight fabric construction generates less CO2 during manufacturing and transport; reduces the suspended ceiling structural requirements.


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