DuctSox has introduced the SkeleCore™ FTS Jumbo Series that offers 50- to 84-in diameters. The Jumbo Series is an ideal fabric duct solution for large airflow distribution requirements in high-ceiling or high bay spaces such as athletic stadiums, convention halls, aircraft hangers, industrial buildings, and other applications.  

Compared to similarly-sized metal duct, the company claims the Jumbo Series installs 25% to 50% faster than spiral round metal and requires smaller installation crews. The company also says it makes air conditioning possible in older buildings that never retrofitted because of limited load-bearing roofs that couldn't accommodate metal duct weight.

The Jumbo Series uses DuctSox's SkeleCore FTS (Fabric Tensioning System), an in-duct, cylindrical metal framework tensioning system that's field-adjusted. The lightweight internal framework eliminates fabric duct sagging or air AHU start-up fabric popping sounds. It also maintains a perpetual taut, round appearance during reduced airflow periods with VAV, VFD, or AHU on/off cycling periods.