Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US LLC (METUS) introduced its CITY MULTI® N-Generation outdoor units. The N-Generation features a footprint up to 30 percent smaller than previous models and offers more design flexibility due to improvements in vertical piping limits. The units include a four-sided heat exchanger delivering increased heating capacity within the reduced footprint. The unit also features an improved compressor and fan design with five airflow settings that vary the unit’s noise output.

N-Generation offers expanded system design options with vertical piping limits increased from 164 feet to 295 feet, and units available in 6- to 32-ton capacities. N-Generation heat recovery systems also feature new Branch Circuit (BC) controllers that allow connection of up to 11 sub-BC controllers connected to one main BC controller. The new BC controllers also feature a height reduction and the incorporation of service access from the bottom. 

The company says flash injection compressor technology is now standard in N-Generation high efficiency models, offering up to 78 percent of rated heating capacity down to -13ºF outdoor ambient temperature. 

-- Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US LLC