ATLANTA — Rheem pledged to cut its greenhouse gas footprint by 50 percent as well as achieve zero waste and landfill impact form all its globally manufacturing operations by 2025 – the year the manufacturer will celebrate its 100th year in operations.

The blockbuster announcement, deemed “A Greater Degree of Good,” is a vision of the manufacturer’s future — a future that starts today, said Chris Peel, president and CEO.

“To commemorate our 100th anniversary, we’ve set bold goals for ourselves to respect this sustainability,” he said. “Sustainable thinking is not new to Rheem. It’s embedded in everything we do. It’s in our products, processes, and in the way our people think and act. I’m very confident that the team will achieve these goals, that they will lead the industry along the way, and truly make a difference.”

Chris Day, vice president of product strategy and engineering, air conditioning division, said the initiative will focus on the three P’s of sustainability: product, process, and people.

“Regarding our intelligent products of today, it’s going to take innovation like nothing we’ve done in the past to get us to that next level of efficiency," he said. "On the process, we’re going to be looking at our 19 manufacturing plants across the globe and consider how do we transform our waste into something usable? Regarding our people, we’re committing to a quarter million plumbers, contractors, and distribution partners who are trained in sustainable products, installations, and best practices so that we can make a further impact.”

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