THOMASVILLE, Ga. — Due to a heightened awareness of environmental issues and their impact on future generations, sustainability is a key focus for most companies around the world today. To support companies in their efforts, Cleaver-Brooks has launched a sustainability initiative. Knowing a company’s key drivers, Cleaver-Brooks will assess the boiler plant and tailor a solution of sustainable boiler products and services to achieve their targets. 

“Cleaver-Brooks has the ability and responsibility to drive change in the world, both within our company and among our customers and our communities,” said Bart Aitken, president and CEO of Cleaver-Brooks. “We have the experience, solutions, and people in place to partner with companies on their path to improve our environment in meaningful, measurable ways.”

Cleaver-Brooks currently works with a number of Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, chemical, food processing, health care, and pharmaceutical sectors, among others, to meet ambitious sustainability goals. For example, the company provides solutions to:

  • Reduce a company’s overall carbon footprint;
  • Transition a plant from fossil fuels to renewable energy;
  • Increase a plant’s overall energy efficiency; and
  • Achieve ultra-low-to-zero NOx and CO emissions.


The solutions and expertise Cleaver-Brooks offers are unmatched in the boiler industry and available to companies of all sizes in any industry.

In addition to providing boiler and burner solutions, Cleaver-Brooks offers intelligence and recommendations to accelerate a company’s sustainability efforts. To identify energy-savings opportunities throughout a boiler plant, Cleaver-Brooks developed the Boiler Plant Optimization™ (BPO) portfolio of solutions. These assessments pinpoint specific areas for improvement within a boiler plant, resulting in a quantifiable increase in energy efficiency and reduction of emissions to a targeted level, even zero. Typical opportunities are found in flue gas recovery (25% of facilities), boiler control upgrades (16% of facilities), and recovery of flash steam (13% of facilities).

Cleaver-Brooks improves energy efficiency by 28% on average for customers who have Prometha® Connected Boiler Solutions. This integrated IoT solution tracks system performance and provides actionable intelligence along with consultative insights and expertise to ensure a customer’s boiler system continues to run optimally and safely. Prometha achieves this by alerting a customer to suboptimal boiler system conditions, offering solution recommendations, generating trend reports, and benchmarking system performance against industry peers.  Areas of improvement typically identified by Prometha include:

  • Suboptimal oxygen (44% of facilities) and load management (14% of facilities), which lead to reduced efficiency, increased fuel usage and higher costs; and
  • A rapid increase in firing rate (56% of facilities) and excessive short cycling (40% of facilities), which cause equipment failure, unscheduled downtime and operational disruption.


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