The ebm-papst portfolio contains a new axial fan with double flange housing of size 1,250 mm for use in cooling towers. Extremely harsh ambient conditions with 100 percent humidity in combination with high temperatures can lead to corrosion and a high degree of wear. According to the manufacturer, a robust fan design with a special coating for metal parts and electronics circuit boards is essential. Ebm-papst fans for cooling towers are checked in various tests, including thermal cycling/wet test, salt fog test, Highly Accelerated Lifetime (HALT) testing, shock and vibration tests.

Managing noise level is one reason for using EC technology, as outdoor installations are subject to maximum noise generation regulations in many countries. Reducing the speed to half air flow cuts the noise level of EC fans by 15 dB(A), whereas an improvement of only 3 dB(A) is attained with AC fans. The fans are also suited to use in FanGrid arrangement, a system of centrifugal or axial fans operating in parallel.