ebm-papst-021113-body.jpgThe AxiTop Axial Fan Diffuser features high efficiency, low noise, and reduced exit losses.

The latest EC fan motor technology is pushing the limits of motor and commutation electronics efficiency. Aerodynamic efficiency offers the greatest remaining potential for overall fan efficiency improvement. ebm-papst has addressed that potential on axial fans through a new, passive innovation called AxiTop. 

The kinetic energy (velocity) at the exhaust of an axial impeller dissipates when the air is suddenly discharged into the surrounding environment. The AxiTop diffuser is designed to recover this wasted energy by purposely and efficiently decelerating the flow and reducing swirl, boosting the pressure rise of the impeller. Aerodynamic efficiency is increased and acoustic noise is reduced.  

The AxiTop diffuser allows the end user greater freedom in optimizing different characteristics in their application. Greater air performance can be selected with unchanged energy input, or unchanged air performance can be selected with lower energy consumption. The AxiTop diffuser can improve acoustic characteristics in either case. 

Following are examples of the type of improvements we have seen in testing on an 800mm axial fan. Results will vary depending on the application.

AxiTop is currently available for ebm-papst axial fan sizes 800mm and 910mm. There are no moving parts and it can be retrofitted with ease onto existing systems that already use ebm-papst fans (allowing for space). We will gladly test your design to confirm the benefits to your current application.