Johns Manville has released a fiberglass duct wrap with an installed thermal resistivity rating of R-12. Microlite® FSK is a formaldehyde-free duct wrap designed specifically to meet new code requirements set forth by the IECC in 2015 that mandate the use of R-12 insulation on ducts in unconditioned spaces in climate zones 5-8. The new 4.4-inch wrap is the newest addition to the JM R-12 insulation portfolio.

Johns Manville’s R-12 Microlite duct wrap comes with an FSK facing designed to help ensure a closed system that prevents moisture drive and offers condensation control. The company says this design helps prevent damage to the insulation and surrounding areas. Additionally, the material is GREENGUARD® Gold certified.

The full R-12 insulation portfolio from Johns Manville includes Microlite® FSK fiberglass duct wrap, Linacoustic® RC fiberglass duct liner, Linacoustic® R-300 fiberglass board, 800 Series Spin-Glas® fiberglass board, and XSPECT® ISOfoam APF Board (polyiso foam).

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